Volume 2: Weird Science


At long last, Volume 2: Weird Science is here.

In the darkened lab of The Dream Quarry, by physic unknown, a collection has formed, its stitched anatomy a patchwork of disparate tales — part fantasy, part science fiction, all strange. Opening our way into the volume is Bogi Takács with a story about an information database in a setting similar to Ancient Mesopotamia. As the pendulum swings closer to science fiction, Cameron Huntley delivers a tale of loss and reprisal in the world’s first surrogate exercise facility. Next on the dissection table is Volume 1 veteran Brendan Detzner and another enviro-apocalyptic tale of oceanic menace. Eric M. Cherry takes us back in the direction of fantasy for the final piece of featured fiction of the volume, wherein an engineer in search of dragons discovers a darker meaning of “putting your soul into your work.”

This editions Definitive Qlassic comes to us from Rudyard Kipling. While he is best known for his stories of British India, “The Eye of Allah” tells a different tale, of art, and doctrine, and science, set centuries before Kipling’s more typical milieu.

Featured Fiction

“Recordings of a More Personal Nature”, by Bogi Takács

“PerfectFit”, by Cameron Huntley

“The Specimen”, by Brendan Detzner

“Masterwork”, by Eric M. Cherry

Definitive Qlassic

“The Eye of Allah”, by Rudyard Kipling


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