Volume 2 Lives!

Volume 2: Weird Science

Introduction At long last, Volume 2: Weird Science is here. In the darkened lab of The Dream Quarry, by physic unknown, a collection has formed, its stitched anatomy a patchwork of disparate tales — part fantasy, part science fiction, all strange. Opening our way into the volume is Bogi Takács … Continue reading

“Recordings of a More Personal Nature”, by Bogi Takács

The air inside the small Temple chamber was cool despite the heat of summer, and the thin turquoise curtains kept out errant flies. Even the sacred symbols painted on the walls with bold blue and red strokes radiated tranquility. “Sixscore eight sheaves to the house of Matlan Udruf, three brand-new … Continue reading

“PerfectFit”, by Cameron Huntley

Day 175 Client: Kendrick Johnson Vermillion Regimen I NOTE: Cardio Only – Prelim week 1.5x miles treadmill running, 1.5x miles treadmill walking. WARNING: Do not raise heart rate over 105! She runs. She runs because she must. She runs because it seems to her that running is all she can … Continue reading

“The Specimen”, by Brendan Detzner

My name is Dr. Nicole Hart… No. I’m Nicki. That’s how I think of myself. No matter what other people call me, in my head I’m Nicki. I am currently imprisoned many miles underwater in a coffin made of yellow plastic. My arms, legs, hips, and the back of my … Continue reading

“Masterwork”, by Eric M. Cherry

The deformed man was Maugrund. He stooped so far that he often used one or both hands when he walked, and I thought of him as being several feet long rather than tall. There was no way to tell how bulky or twisted he was under the musty folds of … Continue reading

“The Eye of Allah”, by Rudyard Kipling

Introduction Most people are familiar with Rudyard Kipling as the author of The Jungle Book, but few know him as a pioneer of science fiction. While Kipling penned other tales that contained more weird and more science, “The Eye of Allah” is perhaps one of literature’s earliest examples of what … Continue reading

Welcome to the Dream Quarry

What is The Dream Quarry?
The Dream Quarry is a series of online "anthologies," collections of fiction written to a theme or subject.  Most material is of a weird bent.